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Aug 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
. yesterday, japan continued its attacks along mount samat. the us philippine vision suffered heavy losses... (radio clicks off) (car horn honking) oh, my god. golly. ♪ because the next day the cap went out and drafted a band ♪ ♪ and now the company jumps when he plays reveille ♪ ♪ he's the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b ♪ ♪ a-toot, a-toot, a-toot-diddlyada-toot... ♪ sorry i'm late, sweetheart. how can we afford a new car? the bank just cleared us a loan for two new stores. it's called franchising. i thought they said "no." i wento the old backup plan. the backup plan being "don't give up"? never fails. is this a packard? yep. gonna drive you tort classes in style. hey, what do we have here? some fatheads at school. blame me for pearl harbor. we're as american as those boys. you sock 'em back? i thought fighting was bad. it is. but standing up for yourself is another thing, son. don't forget that. huh? game of touch, mr. t.? absolutely, skip. here you go. come on, huddle up, billy. you, too, honey. let's go. skip, you're going down. i don't think so. come on. you stay
Aug 21, 2013 6:00pm EDT
in the next couple of weeks. thanks for meeting with us, dan. okay, uh, i'll look forward to working with you. yeah. thanks. ( knock on door ) my bus took forever. you get him in bed okay? he fell asleep listening to his radio. uh, i left you some tuna in the fridge. thanks, sweetheart. see you tomorrow. not if i can help it. dr. croydon, victor's looking for you. he found some papers you were burning in the oil furnace. he says that's illegal. what is he talking about? you tell him snooping through my garbage, that's illegal. hey, matson. hey. there it is. thanks. morning, dr. croydon. don't you worry, i'll give victor that message. ( doorbell rings ) let me just rinse out. i thought you'd be here earlier. ( loud thud ) brei used to love hearing that phrase... but not since i learned i have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture. i want to keep acting but a broken bone could change that. so my doctor and i chose prolia® to reduce my risk of fractures. prolia® is proven to help make bones stronger. i take prolia®. it's different - it's two shots a year. do not take prolia
Aug 9, 2013 6:00pm EDT
. [ singing ] >> our father loved us. his family more than himself. his children were his life. we defined him. >> reporter: hundreds gather to celebrate the life of the nfl hall-of-famer. the colts' defensive tackle, known for his incredible athleticism on the field. and his larger-than-life personality. >> my father will not rest in peace, unless i tell you how much he loved all of you. the citizens of baltimore molded a boy from the bronx to a great man, on and off the field. you gave him so much happiness. >> reporter: several former colts greats like lenny moore, jeno marquettey, tom matte, bracey and andy nelson attended the funeral. >> he was a special personal. and he was what baltimore was all about. >> we used to get -- auto people i see -- the people i see here today, that's amazing. >> to have a guy like donovan. your mind is on what you have to do and how have you to do it. and you're tightening up in your head. then all of a sudden, you hear a roar over there in the locker room. there's donovan over there, you know, getting guys together. loosening him up. >> governor martin o'ma
Aug 23, 2013 6:00pm EDT
out of my misery. count on it. crackpot mack said chuck pierce used to run with some boys: seth rundgren and bobby kent. all three of them interviewed in '69. said they were watching the moon landing together. doesn't look like chuck let go of the rocket thing. naval aviator, applied for nasa in the '90s. private air captain now. lear jets of the rich and famous. yeah, it was a real shock when danny turned up dead. block was never the same again. yeah? how so? predator on the streets. parents wouldn't let kids play outside after dark anymore. only now, thinking danny might have been with friends the night he died. you friends with danny back then, chuck? friends? not really. no, danny was kind of a... kind of an odd duck. on the night of the moon landing, did you see him around? no, i was at home watching it on tv. pinnacle of human achievement. you with anyone? yeah, i was, i was with, uh, seth rundgren and bobby kent. haven't seen those guys in years. they lived on my block. the chestnut hill rocket boys, right? ye, well, rockets were a phase, i mean, probably because of the m
Aug 19, 2013 6:00pm EDT
's ok. it's gonna be ok. [sobs] why is he doing this? is that enough? we did what you wanted. let us go. ...the world to me no. [chuckles] now it's my turn. aah! no! [gunshots] ♪ you're the whole wide world ♪ ♪ oh, the whole wide world to me ♪ [beeping] hey, good news. ellie just got placed with a foster family, so, fingers crossed. oh, that's great. i'm happy for her. we got a case in akron, ohio. two couples killed in two weeks. one a week? that's not much of a cooling-off period. scott and kathy hartway. found in their car in an isolated spot. the son of sam had a short cooling-off period. he also attacked couples in cars. yeah, but the first couple were killed their house. robert and allison keppler. in both cases, the husbands were killed with a silenced 9-millimeter, the wife was stabbed multiple times. he crosses racial lines. and socio-economic ones. the kepplers lived in an upscale neighborhood, the hartways were blue collar. that's a big change in crime scenes, car versus house. two radically different m.o.s not to mention he subdueswo people. that takes a lot of
Aug 7, 2013 6:00pm EDT
there, on the door. and cummings tells us, whoever put the material there wanted it to look like a bomb. >> reporter: the mount vernon office of congressman elijah cummings, at the center of an intense fbi investigation. >> they were surrounding the door. and i heard it was a suspicious note. and some substance on the door. >> reporter: according to cummings, an employee with military experience arrived at work and noticed a putty-like material, stuck around the outside door. >> she noticed that there was something that gave the appearance of plastic explosive devices in 10 various places around the door. >> reporter: no one was allowed inside the building, as baltimore fire investigators and the fbi tested the material. >> and determined that it was not an explosive device, but it was made to appear that way. and that there were apparently some type of wiring connected to it. >> reporter: the fbi confirmed the material was not hazardous. agents scoured the scene for other crucial evidence. several sticky notes were found next to the black putty. but cummings said they did not contain a
Aug 12, 2013 6:00pm EDT
activity southwest of us and northwest. and eventually it'll start moving toward our region. that's when we expect to see some action and we could see heavy rain during the overnight hours. the dewpoint still pretty low at 62. only 70 degrees in oakland and 80 in ocean city. how will tuesday and the rest of the week pan out? ? chelsea has a look. >> reporter: we will get strong even potentially severe weather heading into tomorrow afternoon. a very potent cold front is going to help to charge up the atmosphere. we're looking at a few threats. some flooding downpours possible because we have a lot of moisture in the air. damaging winds and hail. we'll be keeping a very close eye on this in the first warning weather center. we also have a slight risk for areas east of the i95 corridor for these storms moving through tomorrow afternoon. but then, a nice surprise followed after that cold front and that's what bob will talk to you about coming up in your updated forewarning weather forecast. now let's go back inside. >> thank you chelsea and bob. still to come. judgment day a verdict in the tria
Aug 8, 2013 6:00pm EDT
hour at times. now, we are expecting that these showers are going to stay with us in the afternoon. jet stream is well to the north. allowing for the southwest wind of south -- or warm, humid air to move on across the region. it's going to continue to build. and of course, these dew points and the moisture fuel the thunderstorms. so it's going to feel very tropical. thunderstorms are almost a foregone conclusion for this evening. we do have a lot going on down here. bb king or -- we have jay z and justin timberlake. we have otekon here. and the black tipped reef aquarium here. we'll keep you posted. look like storms are starting to move into the region. we'll continue to keep you posted. for now, we are throwing it back inside. >> we have bob turk and tim williams on the scene as well. thank you. >>> murdermurder-for-hire trial. a whitemarsh woman takes the stand in her own defense. karla porter said she had to have her husband killed before he killed her. william raymond porter was shot at the gas station he owned in 2010. derek valcourt was in the courtroom when karla porter testified
Aug 20, 2013 6:00pm EDT
jet. he used an alias. he sent me flowers, so i think it's safe to assume he's coming here. hello, lauren. oh, wait. lauren reynolds died in a car accident, didn't she? i was doing my job. you took the only thing that mattered to me. so i'm going to take the only thing that matters to you-- your life. [indistinct p.a. announcement] tv: a strong storm is expected to hit the eastern seaboard within the next 72 hours. could be a bad one. let's see how it's looking right now. now, what we have is an area of low pressure that's getting stronger and moving off the eastern seaboard. then comes the fear of damage... 5:30 on the dot, as promised. and at the same time, another heavy snowfall event will create travel chaos and power outages throughout the district. cold air moves in... getting ready for the storm. can you believe it? [speaking italian] hey, i'm talking to you! don't make me come and get you. i used to fit into this. i blame your cooking. it's just too damn fine. man: like your ass. now let's go. we're late. hmm. [glass shatters] frank? honey, you ok? frank? frank! i love you
Aug 22, 2013 6:00pm EDT
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10